Prayer Agenda

Always feel free to stop and pray in the spirit anytime you choose


OH MAGNIFY THE LORD with me, and let us EXALT HIS NAME together! Psalms 34:3
Father, We thank you for Jesus and His shed blood. We thank you that Jesus ever lives to make intercession for us. Thank you for teaching us. Thank you for showing us what to pray for, and thank you for directing us. Father in accordance with 1 John 1:9, we ask you to forgive us if we have sinned or offended anyone in anyway in Jesus Name.


In obedience to your word we intercede for all men, women, boys, and girls through out all the earth according to 1 Timothy 2:1. Thank you for sending forth laborers to share Jesus with them.
Based on 1 Timothy 2:2, we intercede for the leaders of our nation, the world, all who are in authority and their families. We pray for our President and Vice President. We pray for all Governors, Mayors, Senators, Congressmen, Assembly Members, Supreme Court Justices, and City Council Members. Father we lift up the City Council Members of Victorville and all the City Council Members of the High Desert – and declare that Victory Christian Center is a church that loves and honors all of its City Officials as well as the City of Victorville itself. Father, right now we break any and all assignments of the devil against all the cities of this High Desert and declare that all the High Desert cities are cities that honor and glorify You in Jesus Name.
Father, we pray that those who are in authority have continued wisdom, knowledge, direction, and understanding in the choices and decisions they make because of your people, in order that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life unto all Godliness and honesty.
Father, we lift up all of our military personnel and pray that you strengthen, guide, and protect them. We come against the fear that would try to hinder them from doing their duty. We pray for all military leaders and those that influence them – that they seek your guidance continually and they are filled with your wisdom in every area. We pray a hedge of protection around our nation and stand in the gap for each and every citizen of our nation at home and aboard.
We thank you for Godly leaders, and pray that you, the Lord of Hosts guide them in Jesus Name, we pray that they would receive your divine direction.
We come against fear and panic and declare that our nation is calm and peaceful. We thank you that every name that is named must bow to the Name of Jesus and that includes biochemical warfare, terrorism, and the witchcraft that is seeking to blind this nation and the world.
Father, we thank you for our nation and its security and we declare that no weapon formed against the United States of America shall prosper.
Father we thank you for sending forth laborers to our government, the White House, places of authority, the armed forces, and world leaders to minister Jesus. We loose you powers of darkness and render you powerless over the minds of any who have an opportunity to hear the Word of God this day. In accordance with 2 Corinthians 4:4, We declare that corrupt government officials are exposed and removed and will not regain power in the Name of Jesus.
Let every soul be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and the authorities that exist are appointed by God, according to Romans 13:1.
We declare revival is here and affecting every area of our nation and bringing about a great harvest of souls. Thank you for restoration of Godly reverence on a national scale, in the Name of Jesus.
We pray for the peace of Jerusalem: “May they prosper who love you”, as you have said in Psalms 122:6 in the Name of Jesus.


We pray for our community, local businesses, neighborhoods, and schools in the Name of Jesus. We declare by faith that all of our communities and neighborhoods of our High Desert are safe and free of crime and graffiti. We declare by faith that all our local businesses are thriving and prospering in the Name of Jesus. We declare by faith that all of our schools in our High Desert from our preschools to our colleges and universities, are offering the best education, classes, and courses for the betterment of each student that attends each particular school. We cover each school in our High Desert in the Blood of Jesus, and declare that each student, teacher, and staff members, are kept in safety each day they attend their school in Jesus Name.


We lift up the Body of Christ, its leaders and their families. We pray specifically for these particular ministries that we as a chuch are affiliated with, as well as other ministries that we are not aware of that are preaching and teaching the Word of God. We lift up:

  • Pastor Al and Ronda Zorn
  • Pastor Tom and Donna Pickens
  • Apostle Fred and Betty Price
  • Pastors Dan and Michelle Rashid
  • Pastor Jeff and Diana Budzinski
  • Pastor Lamarcus and Danielle Keys
  • Pastor David Bennett
  • Pastor Ted and Valinda Collins
  • Pastor Mark Thomas
  • Pastor David and Vickie Shearin
  • Pastor Steve Parsons
  • Pastor Don Wilson and the Rescue Mission
  • Pastor Obed and Lisette Martinez and The Passionate Pastors
  • Pastor Troy and Jennifer Shedeed
  • Pastor Tony and Jackie Dunn
  • Pastor Bernie and Janice Samples
  • Pastor Dan and Connie Vaughn
  • Pastor Joe Valery
  • Pastor Fred and Angel Price
  • Rev. Darryl Copes
  • Rev. Billy Banks
  • Barbra James
  • Bishop Keith Butler
  • Bishop Raymond Johnson
  • Dr. Leroy Thompson
  • Dr. Creflo Dollar
  • Dr. Rick Layton
  • Dr. Philip and Brenda Goudeaux
  • Bob Harrison
  • Kenneth Copeland
  • Jesse Duplantis
  • Jerry Savelle
  • Lou Sheldon
  • Kenneth Hagin Jr.
  • Jeremy Pearsons
  • Johnathan O’hara
  • Barry Tubbs
  • All FICWFM Ministers
  • All Local Pastors of the High Desert
  • Christ for all Nations Mission
  • Pastor Micheal Todd
  • PastorJohn Gary
  • Apostle Sherman And Jaquet Dumas
  • Pastor Dan and Jesse Roth
  • Pastor Jim and Deborah Cobrae
  • The Rock Church and the Pastors Gathering
  • Pastor Diego Mesa
  • Dr. Mike & Dee Dee Freeman

We pray for every Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor, Teacher, and Missionary that are proclaiming the gospel of Jesus.
These are leaders that represent you Father. We pray that they have the spirit of wisdom, revelation, and knowledge of your will and your word. We pray that they are strengthened with all might by your Spirit in their inner man, that Christ dwells in their hearts by faith and that they being rooted and grounded in love are able to comprehend with all saints what is the breath, length, depth, height, and to know the love of Christ, which passes knowledge and that they are filled with all of His fullness to the praise, glory, and honor of His Name, that His Name be exalted throughout the earth by the church that the world sees Jesus.
We pray that they are on one accord, with one mind, one spirit, speaking the same thing, serving You, ”till we all come to the unity of the faith and of the knowledge of the Son of God, to a perfect man, to the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ.”
We Pray that they walk in divine health and divine prosperity and all of their needs are met according to your riches and glory.


We intercede for those who speak negatively against our ministry or any other ministry. Father, Forgive them for they know not what they do, in the Name of Jesus.
We declare that the strongholds and deception of false religion are revealed and destroyed; that all people who are enslaved and caught in this deception are set free; that daily provision of all spiritual and physical needs are met, in the Name of Jesus.
In accordance with John 15:20 and 2 Corinthians 4:7-9, we Pray for Christians who are persecuted all over the world for the Name of Jesus, and we Thank You that they remain bold and strong in their faith as well as kept safe out of harm’s way. May the angels of the Lord be encamped around and about them, in the Name of Jesus.
We Intercede for those in prison who have been falsely accused and judged, and for those who do not have the funds to provide a proper defense. We Pray against a system that promotes a disproportionate number of minorities being incarcerated. We Thank you that truth and justice prevail. In accordance with Proverbs 21:28 and Zechariah 7:9, we Pray that the people in this nation who are promoting the prison system for their gain cease their exploitation, in the Name of Jesus.
We Thank You Father, that You are supernaturally setting free every young man, woman, boy and girl in bondage and held captive to the sex trafficking industry. We break the strongholds and loose the chains that ensnare and bind these modern-day slaves. We Pray, in the Name of Jesus, that the finances of the kingpins would dry up, and that the federal funds would be redirected to fund International Crisis Aid and other programs designed to rescue and rehabilitate those that are captive. Father God, we also Pray that liberators would rise up and be strong and courageous and that every captive be set free in the Name of Jesus.
Father we Intercede for all persons involved with radio, T.V., publications, and all forms of communications. We Pray that they use their talents for Your Praise, Glory and Honor, to spread the Good News of the Gospel of salvation through Jesus Christ. Satan, we loose your power from hindering the gospel from going fourth in any way, in the Name of Jesus


Father, I personally Thank You for me and my family. I declare that all of my family, as well as my extended family (relatives), are blessed, saved and walking in the fullness of your Word. Therefore, as for me and my house, we shall serve you all the days of our lives. And because of this, all of our needs are met; spirit, soul, and body as well as financially, in the Name of Jesus.
We are all covered in the blood of Jesus and no weapon formed against me or my family shall prosper for we are kept in safety wherever we go.


Father, we Thank You for our shepherd, Pastor Al Zorn. We Thank You that he is anointed to minister what You have laid in his heart. We Thank You that he is covered by the precious blood of Jesus. We Declare that he is walking in divine health and divine prosperity all the days of his life and that all of his needs, as well as his families needs, are met in abundance. We Declare that Pastor Zorn is a mighty man of faith, power, prayer and valor. We Thank you that he operates in unbroken focus and always studies Your Word to show himself approved unto You. We Declare that Pastor Zorn is the best husband, father, grandfather, and pastor that You have called him to be. We Thank you for blessing us with such an awesome shepherd that shares the revelation of your Word at all times. We are in Agreement with Pastor Zorn that there is always financial abundance to fulfill the Vision of Victory Christian Center.


  1. Build Lives
  2. Build Marriages
  3. Build Families

In accordance with Philippians 4:19, we Thank You that – Pastor Zorn has declared – as the people come to Victory Christian Center, they will know they are on “Holy Ground” and immediately receive all their needs met. In the Name of Jesus, we set ourselves in agreement with Pastor Zorn that there is harmony and unity among all participants in all areas of our ministry, according to Ephesians 4:1-6 Father, we stand in faith with Pastor Zorn and Thank You for exposing, revealing, and /or removing anyone or anything that is not right in our ministry, in the Name of Jesus.

Father we Thank You for Mrs. Ronda. We Thank You that Mrs. Ronda is a loving wife, and mother, grandmother, and a woman of God that will always love You with her whole heart. Father, we Thank You that she is an anointed woman of God that you have raised up to help and assist her husband in the ministry. We Thank You for Mrs. Ronda as our Dream Team Facilitator. We Pray that You would continuously show her “Your Heart” for our Dream Team, and that as the Dream Team Facilitator she is always open to hear and be led by the Holy Spirit for new systems, strategies, and structures that will always allow our Dream Team to be a Team of excellence in every way, in the Name of Jesus.

Father, we thank You for Pastor Al and Mrs. Ronda’s children and grandchildren. We pray that they will always Honor their Father and Mother in the Lord, according to Ephesians 6:1. In the Name of Jesus, we Declare that they are walking in divine health, wealth and prosperity – that they shall love and serve You all the days of their lives – and that they all walk in and fulfill each of the plans and purposes that You have for them in the Name of Jesus.


Father, we declare by faith that Victory Christian Center is a church that has so much to offer everyone of all ages. We declare that our church is a thriving, prosperous church that is led by the Holy Spirit – a church full of people that love and honor you, Jesus. We declare that we are a church that are relatable to people in this day and time. We declare that the men of Victory Christian Center are all taking their rightful places in their homes and in the church as the Mighty Distinguished Men of God The Kingdom Man that you have called them to be; and that all the women are Kingdom Living for Kingdom Ladies and Proverbs 31 Women of God.

We loose the spirit of apathy, complacency, and all hindering spirits that try to stop people from coming to church, praying, and growing in the things of God. We declare that there is an explosion of prayer, spiritual growth, spirit of unity, one accordness and togetherness among the people of Victory Christian Center, In the Name of Jesus. We declare that people are using their God Given Gifts, Talents, and Abilities for the work of the ministry.

Father we thank you that the “Culture” – which is what we do as a church – has been established. We thank you that we always have awesome dynamic weekly worship services. We thank you that we are adding new members weekly to our church family. We declare that all of our members actively participate in our Times of Fellowship, and Life Groups and are daily growing, developing, and building new Godly Relationships in the Name of Jesus.


We pray for the Church Board. We thank You that our Church Board continuously seeks the counsel and guidance of the Holy Spirit in making decisions regarding the Victory Christian Center Corporation. In the Name of Jesus, we pray that they have comprehensive insight into the ways and purposes of You, Father God, according to Colossians 1:9.


Father, we intercede for all people, and pray for our “Gate Keepers” and all Intercessors at Victory Christian Center. Those that have truly been called by You to pray over our ministry According to Isaiah 54:7 and Isaiah 62:6-7, they are watchmen upon the walls, and we declare that no weapon formed against any will prosper. We thank you that they are covering our ministry in prayer at all times, in the Name of Jesus.


We pray for the Sunday Worship Services, Outreach Programs, Midweek Services and Special Events. We declare that each service, program and special event is power-packed with the Word of God and His presence, and that the anointing of God penetrates the hearts of the people, creating a hunger and a passion for You, Father God.

We declare that during each and every service, program and special event people are getting saved, delivered and set free, in the Name of Jesus, we come in agreement with Pastor that we shall receive at least seven first time guests at each Sunday service, and declare that 100 people or more shall receive salvation, as we go out into the community, and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We thank you that the best gifts of the Spirit are always in operation to meet the needs of the people, according to 1 Corinthians 12:31. We declare that You are daily adding to our church such as should be saved according to Acts 2:47, and that according to Philippians 4:19 You are supplying volunteers, property, and provision as needed.


We thank You, Father, for our Goals this year, and we call them already fulfilled, and accomplished in Jesus Name!

  1. We declare that we regularly experience the presence and power of God in all our services through intimate worship
  2. We declare that we have at least seven(7) First Time Guests in our Sunday Services
  3. We declare that we have our New Church Building

We thank you Father for our New Church Building. We know you have the perfect church building, in the perfect location just for us! Father we declare by Faith we have all the resources in place to acquire our new Church Building in the Name of Jesus.


Father, we declare that we have an awesome Dream Team full of amazing people that have a heart to serve with the attitude of a servant. Father, we thank you for all of our Ministry Teams, departments, and future Departments of Victory Christian Center.

We Thank You For Our:
Children’s Ministry
Dv8 Student Ministry
Media Team
Sacristy Team
Praise Team
Usher Team
Prayer Team
Wow Team
Creative Team
Pastoral Assistants Team (S.H.I.E.L.D.)
Hospitality Team
Office Staff

Thank you for anointing our Team Leads, and those that help them in each of their department and area’s to do all that they do with such a heart of love for You, their Pastor and the people. Father, we thank you that, as a church family, we are always willing to do whatever it takes to see people come into Your Kingdom and grow in the things of God!


Father, we pray according to James 1:22 and Ephesians 1:17-19, for all Members and Families of Victory Christian Center, as well as our Faith Partners, Friends, and Volunteers; we declare health, wealth and prosperity over them, and pray that they all walk in victory and in excellence, glorifying You at all times, in the Name of Jesus.

We pray that as they hear Your Word they are doers of Your Word and not hearers only; that they have the spirit of wisdom, revelation and knowledge of Your will and of Your Word – the eyes of their understanding are being enlightened; and that they make right decisions in their lives and are blameless in Your presence.

We pray that they are strengthened with all might by Your Spirit in their inner man; that Christ dwells in their hearts by faith; and that Your name is exalted honored, and glorified continually in their lives. We pray that Victory Christian Center, and the members of Victory Christian Center, represent Jesus by precept, example, word and deed, spirit, soul and body, until the coming of our Lord.

We pray that as the people gather they will have open ears and receptive hearts to hear, receive, be doers of that which they hear, and be blessed thereby. In accordance with Hebrews 10:25, we pray that as people come to Victory Christian Center, they will decide to make VCC their church home and become supportive, tithing members, who are faithful in attendance and participation, in the Name of Jesus.

We agree with those members who believe they receive a husband or wife, finances, and anything that is consistent with a Godly life; marriages and families restored and strengthened, a job, a better job, a home or whatever the need or desire. We ask that You reveal to them anything that they are doing or not doing to hinder the manifestation of what they are believing You for, in the Name of Jesus.

We pray for all the employees and volunteers at Victory Christian Center, and believe that they do their work as unto you, in the most efficient and excellent manner, out of faithfulness and loyalty knowing You reward them.


Father we thank you for our Children’s Ministry and declare in accordance with John 14:13 that we have over 30 children in every Sunday service, and that we have the greatest children’s ministry in the High Desert . We declare that the children’s ministry staff is doubled, and that we have teachers that are faithful, and are committed to serve in the children’s ministry on a regular basis.

Father, as it says in Your Word in John 12:32, we declare that we will reach children all over our city and the world with our children’s ministry. Father, according to Nehemiah 8:10, we declare that children will be saved and set free, and truly understand what it means to have a relationship with Jesus at an early age. We declare that the children’s ministry will not only be a fun learning environment, but also an environment where children feel safe and loved – a place where they would want to invite their friends to come.

We declare according to James 4:8, our children will draw near to you all the days of their life and that the Word of God taught in the children’s ministry is rich, and being imparted into children’s lives so that they will make a huge impact on their generation and the World as they continue to grow in the things of God! In the Name of Jesus. Amen.


Father, in the Name of Jesus, we believe that dv8 Student Ministries has a culture of teenagers who are true worshipers, worshiping with freedom and total abandon, according to Psalms 98:4.

In the Name of Jesus, we declare that our students understand the importance of tithing and giving. Father, we thank you that every need is met for this ministry, in accordance with Philippians 4:19. We declare that we always have a way to transport each and every student to every event or retreat, and that we have at least 7-Passenger Vans to help us make that happen.

In accordance with John 12:32, we believe that there are least 7 First-Time Guests, many salvations, and those who respond to the invitation, and an average of 40-60 teenagers who consistently attend every youth service, and special events. Father, In the Name of Jesus, we thank you in advance, that every youth service is fully staffed with 15 or more consistent committed leaders – according to John 14:13.

According to Nehemiah 8:10, we declare that our dv8 students walk in a spirit of Joy and Excitement at all times, and we loose the spirit of complacency and apathy from them, in the Name of Jesus. We declare that every teenager is engaged at every service, event, or retreat, and we believe that each student brings their bibles to church, engages in worship and has the desire to grow in their relationship with You Lord Jesus and with Gods Word on a daily basis, in the Name of Jesus.

We declare that every student honors their father and mother in accordance with Exodus 20:12. We loose the spirit of rebellion from their lives, and thank you, Father God, that disrespect, backbiting, bad attitudes, and disobedience are no longer a part of our students lives, in the Name of Jesus.

Father, in the Name of Jesus we Plead the Blood of Jesus over every school campus in the High Desert, and declare that no weapon formed against them shall prosper, according to Isaiah 54:17, We thank you, Father God, that our dv8 students are LEADERS at their school and are setting an example for other students to follow. According to Matthew 5:14, we declare that they are completing their homework and tests in excellence, receiving good grades, and are on the Honor Roll for each school year.

We declare that our dv8 students are BIG THINKERS, desiring to further their education, travel the world, and achieve their dreams and goals in life. We believe that our students are WORLD CHANGERS and are not conformed to the way of the world according to Romans 12:2. We loose all spirits of addiction, pornography, masturbation, lust, pride, entitlement, confusion, justification, low self-esteem, and rudeness from each and every student, in the Name of Jesus.

In accordance to James 4:8, we declare that this generation will not fall away from Jesus in their twenties and become another statistic according to the way of the world, but that they will be drawn even closer to God as a result of their time in dv8 Student Ministries. We thank You that our dv8 students walk in purity in their youth, according to 1 Peter 2:9, and have happy, Godly, lifelong future marriages, and that their future families will serve the Lord according to Joshua 24:15.


Father, we decree and declare that every confession of faith that we have just prayed is sealed, and covered in the blood of Jesus and shall surely come to pass! In Jesus Name! Amen!

(other tongues)


Rev. 2/2/2020