​​​Pastor Al &

Mrs. Ronda Zorn

The moment they were saved in 1989, they knew their lives would never be the same!  And ever since God called Pastor Al and Mrs. Ronda to be Pastors of Victory Christian Center, He has given them the same vision:





They found a practical way to take what they have learned and applied from the Word of God to their own lives and share it with every person that enters the doors of Victory Christian Center

They believe that the FAMILY of God 

must do life together in Christ


​​​​​    In the TRIUNE GOD:  The Father, The Son, & The Holy Spirit

   The HOLY SPIRIT is a Divine Person

   ALL SCRIPTURE is given by inspiration of God



    Mrs. Ronda is ...


A licensed Ministry of the

Gospel of Jesus Christ (2014)

The First Lady & founder of the Kingdom Living for Kingdom Ladies Women's Ministry

VCC's Chief Financial Officer

& Dream Team Facilitator



Have studied a total of 28 years under Apostle Frederick KC Price of Crenshaw Christian CenterKenneth Hagin of RHEMA Ministries, Kenneth Copelend Ministries, and Pastor Tom Pickens of the Antelope Valley Christian Center

BECAME the owners of Victory Christian Center in 2003 just six years after is was founded by Pastor Tom Pickens.  

Took what they knew about living a happy and fulfilled marriage of over 30 years and THEY developed a dynamic 




 Victory Christian Center ...

​   Is a vibrant, growing ministry that is reaching people of every race, creed and nationality. Our Children's Ministry reaches out to children of all ages.  They learn the Word of God through Bible text, songs, crafts, and outings.  Our Youth Ministry takes a practical approach to confronting today's issues encountered by our teens.  We understand that the gospel must be understood in order for God's Word to be applicable in every day life.   Victory Christian Center ministers to God's whole family, with special ministries to both men and women. We believe in going outside our walls and servicing our community through our community awareness events, special adult and children's events, helping troubled teens, those who have been abused, and and loving the elderly. 

        WHO WE ARE                                                  WHAT WE BELIEVE





 All have sinned and come short of the glory of God and are in need of SALVATION   

   Salvation has been provided through JESUS CHRIST for all men

It is the WILL OF GOD that every believer is filled with the HOLY SPIRIT 

   HEALING is provided in Christ's redemptive work and is available to every BELIEVER 

 THE CHURCH consists of all those who have received Jesus as the PERSONAL SAVIOR  


We Believe...  


@ VCC Victorville


 There will be a BODILY RESURRECTION of the just and unjust

 ​In the personal, visible imminent RETURN of Jesus Christ

   In WATER BAPTISM and the observance of the LORD'S SUPPER

 Pastor Al ...


​Was licensed as a Minister of the

Gospel of Jesus Christ in 1997

Is an ordained Pastor since 1999

and is VCC's Senior Pastor  

Developed the Godfellas Men's Ministry

and the Boys2Men Ministry